Ashiana to the rescue!

Kurt Moseley

More than award-winning curries!

When we say we go above and beyond for our customers, we really do mean it.

Meet Kurt Moseley, for example. Doesn’t he look handsome?

He was going to his best friend’s wedding but when he got to the Ashiana, he realised he’d left his suit at home! What a nightmare!

But the Ashiana came to the rescue and we managed to lend him not only a suit but also a tie!

Kurt said of the experience:

“Too good to be true! I arrived and had 10 minutes to get dressed for my best friend’s wedding and realised I had left my suit at home in Stevenage!!

“The guy who gave us our key sent his wife home to get me a suit. When she returned they realised I had no tie so he went into the restaurant, knowing the waiters keep ties in there and gave me a tie. This doesn’t happen!! But it did.

“I arrived at the wedding looking great and my dignity well and truly saved. It turned out to be the thing that everyone remembers the most.

Later when I came back ,the owner of the tie (who knew nothing of what had happened) happily took it back.

What incredible people.”

You’re most welcome Kurt! Hope you had a fantastic time at the wedding and we hope to welcome you back to the Ashiana again very soon!